How to Write a Book in 5 Steps

Some people have that inborn talent to spin wonderful stories out of thin air. Some people need a little push. If you think that you have what it takes to be a great writer, you should start working on your first book and see how it goes from there. Here are a few simple steps which you should follow when you start out to write your own book. 

Steps To Write Your First Book

Every great thing happens when it’s well planned out. Be patient and take your time. Rushing into it might ruin the creative angle so remember to take it slow.

  1. Have An Idea

Have an idea of the kind of book you’d like to work on. The genre you select should be something which comes as a natural flow into your mind. It could be horror writing, romantic writing, erotic writing, or even writing for comic relief. 

  1. Think Of A Title

The title of the book can be seen as the framework for the story. So decide upon that. Otherwise, some people like to work on the title later depending upon how the entire story is developed as it’s written. So suit yourself and give the title whenever you feel comfortable to do so. 

  1. Work On It

There is no given time when you will work on the book. But try to do it at least 3 to 4 times a month. If you think you can dedicate lesser time, then that’s not an issue too. Make sure that you maintain good quality and don’t forget to use your vivid imagination whenever you write. Carry a notebook with you. If you’re on the go and you think of something related to the troy, note it down before the idea fades and write it down when you get home. 

  1. Find A Good Place

Many writers are more inspired when they are in a nice quiet place. Some writers like to rent cabins and work on their stories from time to time. This can be a wonderful idea. You can unwind and free yourself from the worries of the world and get absorbed with your story and characters and give them more life. 

  1. Be Practical And Organized

Organize your storyline as it develops, when you have finished the rough work, read it and correct grammatical errors, add or delete necessary details. Then go for the then go for the final copy. Keep a copy with yourself and contact a good publisher.

How to Sell Used College Textbooks

There are many things which one needs to prioritize when it comes to college and university education. There are tuition fees to take care of, new books to buy, Pay for college and hostel and many other things which needs financial support at all times. If you think that you can do with some 0065tra cash, for whatever required reason, you can try and sell your old college books of previous years at great rates and make some money out of it. Students are always in need of reference books and you can supply it to them and make a profit out of it. Here is a simple guide which can help you sell your college books successfully.

Tips To Sell College Books

  • Make sure that you take your time to do your research and sell your books properly to trustworthy students who can pay you appropriately. 
  • First of all, you can check your syllabus, check online, or ask around the students about which books are the most important for this year’s course. Your juniors will be the best source to give you this information. Depending upon that, select what kind of books you have and if they will be useful for reference depending upon the current syllabus. 
  • Make a note of the price of the book and which edition it is. This is very important as that will decide the current price of the book. Deepening upon this factor and the demand for the book, check online for its worth and set a price. 
  • If a new semester is coming up, put up an advertisement in campus that you are selling these books. Of course first make sure that this sent against the rules of the college. 
  • Selling books online can also be beneficial. Post an ad about the book with the details like the edition, author, and price and wait for a response. Selling books online gives you a wider platform and more opportunity to be recognized in public so it’s like better advertisement too. Chances of success are more in such cases.

These points will surely make your books sale a success.

Children’s Educational Books, Music, and Audio Books

Raising children is a very long and tedious process. As a parent, you must understand that a child’s development and character building process is based upon the kind of education and experiences her or she has, and the kind of environment that he or she grows up in. If you’re a parent you must be able to help your child develop his or her own skills to grow into a confident, self sufficient and humane adult. 

  • Role Of Music In A Child’s Life

There are many aspects which play a major role in developing a child’s psyche and one of those aspects is music. Music is a way to express oneself, get inspired, and feel everything that the world has to offer from a different point of view. The best thing is that there hardly is anyone in the world who doesn’t feel the importance of music in life. So, present your child with the gift of music so that he or she can find solace in something new. There are many children’s songs, poems, and rhymes which are available in MP3 form DVD’s and music videos DVD’s these days. You can order them online. Let your child learn rhythms and appreciate music and songs in an interactive manner through this way. 

  • The Joy Of Reading

The habit of readings is something that must be nourished from childhood. It is said that whoever finds a friend in a book can never be alone and it’s pretty much true. Teach your child how to read and appreciate books and watch him or her create their own world in the wonderful stories in children’s books. It’ll also keep them engaged for hours. There are several authors like Enid Blyton, Charles Dickens, J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, and Robert Louis Stevenson who have written timeless children’s books which are enjoyed by kids all over the world even today.

  • Educational Books Online

Children learn better from books when there are pretty and colorful illustrations so when you think of something innovative for your child to learn, do make sure that the books he or she reads are interesting enough to catch their attention. Many learning and educational books can be bought online these days. 

An Introduction to Open Educational Resources

What are Open Educational Resources? Well, Open Educational Resources or OER refers to the openly licensed, openly formatted and freely accessible documents & media functional for learning, teaching, assessment, education & research purposes. The term OER emerged with the beginning of the new millennium and according to the educational experts worldwide, Open Educational Resources do have the very potential to alter the entire scene of education worldwide. The article here presents a short account on Open Educational Resources.

The Concept & History Of OER

Open Educational resources refer to the concept of educators, lecturers and teachers making their educational and teaching materials available freely for others. OER, the very term, was 1st used by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization) & refers to the web-based materials that are offered openly & freely for use & re-use in learning, research & teaching. The OER concept achieved huge support from different foundations and universities such as William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, Shuttleworth Foundation, HEFCE, JISC etc. It’s to stress here that William & Flora Hewlett Foundation was the chief financial supporter for OER in its initial years. UNESCO champions Open Educational Resources as one of the most viable mediums of promoting equity, access & quality in worldwide education abiding to the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) spirit. 

Types Of OER

Open Educational Resources include different courses, content modules, course materials, collections, journals and learning objects. Added to these, OER also includes a number of tools to help in delivering the educational contents like software systems which support creation, delivery, improvement & use of the learning contents, organization & searching of the contents , learning & content management systems, internet learning communities and content development equipments. 

OER Licenses

It’s to stress here that the OER contents are entwined with the intellectual property concerns since most of the educational content here is guarded by copyright terms which must be honored by the users to prevent possible misuse of the resources. CC (Creative Commons) and GFDL have provided for OER licenses for the institutions and individuals to apply while releasing their educational resources over the web. It’s important to state here that these licenses state clearly about the restrictions to be followed regarding the use & re-use of these educational materials.