How to Write a Book in 5 Steps

Some people have that inborn talent to spin wonderful stories out of thin air. Some people need a little push. If you think that you have what it takes to be a great writer, you should start working on your first book and see how it goes from there. Here are a few simple steps which you should follow when you start out to write your own book. 

  • Steps To Write Your First Book

Every great thing happens when it’s well planned out. Be patient and take your time. Rushing into it might ruin the creative angle so remember to take it slow.

  1. Have An Idea

Have an idea of the kind of book you’d like to work on. The genre you select should be something which comes as a natural flow into your mind. It could be horror writing, romantic writing, erotic writing, or even writing for comic relief. 

  1. Think Of A Title

The title of the book can be seen as the framework for the story. So decide upon that. Otherwise, some people like to work on the title later depending upon how the entire story is developed as it’s written. So suit yourself and give the title whenever you feel comfortable to do so. 

  1. Work On It

There is no given time when you will work on the book. But try to do it at least 3 to 4 times a month. If you think you can dedicate lesser time, then that’s not an issue too. Make sure that you maintain good quality and don’t forget to use your vivid imagination whenever you write. Carry a notebook with you. If you’re on the go and you think of something related to the troy, note it down before the idea fades and write it down when you get home. 

  1. Find A Good Place

Many writers are more inspired when they are in a nice quiet place. Some writers like to rent cabins and work on their stories from time to time. This can be a wonderful idea. You can unwind and free yourself from the worries of the world and get absorbed with your story and characters and give them more life. 

  1. Be Practical And Organized

Organize your storyline as it develops, when you have finished the rough work, read it and correct grammatical errors, add or delete necessary details. Then go for the then go for the final copy. Keep a copy with yourself and contact a good publisher.