How to Make – Create a Website: The Beginner’s A-Z Guide

Are you on a plan to create a website online? Well, the virtual commerce space renders prospective business opportunities and it’s important that your site online. Your website is just akin to the land based brick & mortar outlet, created to cater to virtual audience. Website creation is no rocket science and it just takes a few steps to start your portal over the internet. The article here is a comprehensive A-Z website creation guide for the beginners.

Select domain name

The primary most thing you need to do while creating your website is selecting domain name. It’s the name of your website and is akin to the business registration name of any land based commercial outlet. The domain names can be bought from web hosting companies. It takes around 11USD per year for the domain name service. The ideal domain name must be cool, catchy and should be able to provide a hint of your business- as otherwise you might end up getting irrelevant traffic mostly. Go for a simple selection and try to avoid the complicated domain names.

Select web host

The next step here is to select your web host. If domain name was like the business registration name, the hosting service is like the land space you buy or rent for setting up an office. In the online zone, web hosting refers to the virtual space you are taking to place your website over the internet. In simple words, the hosting space offered would act like a home for your website. However be careful while choosing your web host. Always settle with a highly reputed and seasoned one. Make sure that your hosting company is ready for a 99 percent uptime so that your website stays visible always. Moreover, the hosting company you would be taking to should be able to render 24/7 technical support facility. 

After signing up for the hosting account, the site owner is required to point his domain to the hosting account.

Design the web pages

Albeit web designing can be performed by the professional designers, you can perform it yourself only. There are a great lot of web designing tools available today to help you with your DIY web designing mission. You will get to choose from both free & paid web designing tools. One of the most prominent here is WordPress system. WP is unanimously accepted as a highly efficient portal that can offer you a great professional-looking site, sans any need of technical know-how. It’s to note here that WordPress comes with several interesting layouts for every sort of business. Moreover, it’s also easy to manage your site content with WP.

Site testing

After you have designed the website, it’s time that you test the website in varied major browsers such to check out on its compatibility with them. You must check out the website compatibility with IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

Site submission

The final step is to submit your site to popular search engines like Bing & Google to make it visible to your target audience online. 

Wish you all the best with your new site.